Wednesday 28th Oct '20

Fire Craft and Fondue

10.30am to 12.30pm

We will gather materials in the wood for kindling and identify good sources of plants and trees. Then learn how to use a flint and steel to light our own fires. Once established a good fire we will make a hot drink using the kelly kettle and make a chocolate fondue – please bring your own food to dip into the fondue for example pieces of banana, strawberries, marshmallow.

If time we will make charcoal pencils.

Bring snacks to nibble on as you may get hungry in the woods and a cup for your drink.

Come dressed for the British weather!
Age: 5  years + accompanying adult free. Tickets are for children only.  1 adult only to keep in line with government guidelines.
This workshop is being run by Lucy of Lucy’s Little Forest school. We will meet behind the barn in the play area/mud kitchen.

Tickets available from Lucy’s website from 30th September.

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