Wednesday 10th Jun '20

Staying sane during lock-down

We have been open for walks throughout lock-down. For some very local families, it has become part of their daily routine and for others, the first celebratory trip out from Brighton or other nearby towns.   It has been good to feel that the woods can offer some solace in these strange times.   Here is some testimony from one of our member families:

“Lockdown has been a crazy time for everyone, and for our severely autistic son Leo it has been so confusing and strange, with so many places closed we were very restricted with where we could take him. Wilderness Woods was an absolute lifesaver for us and we went every single day when Leo’s school was closed. Now his school has reopened we go every weekend. Leo loves his trips to the woods – we go for a walk for about 25 minutes then end up a the swing. This is so important for Leo’s physical and mental health. Leo loves dressing up! He often dresses up as Peter Pan – and sometimes he puts a Father Christmas outfit over the top and calls himself “Peter Christmas!”. Emily, Dan and all the staff at Wilderness Woods are so kind to Leo and always welcome us – thank you so much to all of you!”

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