Monday 6th Apr '20

Family Forest school 3 – 11 years old with Jack!

Come and join us for an Easter themed Family Forest School session. There will be a selection of interactive Woodland activities. The sessions will be planned for children of all ages between 3-11. The activities will all be focused on outdoor, natural enjoyment with a seasonal twist. There will be eggs a plenty and opportunities for you and your child to create inspirational pieces of natural decoration that can be taken home to adorn your house. The activities will be led by Jack, a qualified outdoor Leader who works both within Forest School settings and schools. Come along and be inspired by the interaction that you and your child will have with the woodland environment. To help aid the inspirational process we may explore some of the following:

Woodland skills – tool use from sheaf knife to a hand drill
Environmental art, create using natural materials.
Responding to children’s ideas for play, exploring and investigating the big outdoors.
Team games
Shelter building for shade and rain
Fire lighting, camp-fire cooking and kelly kettle use
Respect for ourselves, others and the environment
Child initiated learning responding to children’s ideas for play.
Children develop responsible independence and confidence to take considered risks and initiate their own play and learning
Education for sustainability
Much much more!

What should I bring?
As the activities will be taking place outside, you should wear comfortable clothing.
Long sleeved shirts and trousers are a good idea but not essential
Comfortable outdoor shoes
Waterproof jacket/ trousers
Hat – for warmth or a sun hat and sun-cream
Picnic lunch and a drink
Fork, bowl and a spoon (Sometimes we will cook on the fire, so its a good idea to be prepared)
The sessions are for the adults as well as your child so do get involved and work together. Forest School is about individuals being just that; So if your child wants to explore or doesn’t want to join in on a group activity straight away, please feel free to go for a walk, collect sticks or just read a story. There will be lots on offer that you can do independently as well as group activities. Children are given appropriately challenging and achievable tasks that build their confidence, skills, and independence, encouraging a love of nature and all things green!

Family Forest School from 10.30 am  – 1.30 pm

Age: 3-11 years accompanying adult free(max two adults). Tickets are for children only.

Note. Please arrive and be ready to go 10 mins before the workshop starts, the group can be anywhere in the woods and it may be hard to find them.

Please click here for tickets

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