Sunday 22nd Mar '20

Green Woodworking Workshop in March – CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

These day workshops offer the opportunity to experience the joy of working with green wood through your own exploration and creativity, regardless of age and ability.   You can decide what to make and Kent will help and guide you along the way.  This could be making a spoon or simply just a whittled stick… It’s up to you.
Although these workshops are open to all ages, younger children might need to work with a parent if not capable of working independently themselves.
Confirmed dates for spring to summer: 21st and 22nd March; 25th April and 26th April; 16th and 17th May; 13th and 14th June.
The day will start at 10 and finish around 3.30 – with a break for lunch. The café will be open, or alternatively bring your own lunch.
The cost for the day is £25 per person, or if a parent and child are working together the cost is £35 for the pair.  Booking is essential.
To book on or make an enquiry, either email or text on 07939286714.

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